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Our Blog: The Story Behind the Story

Episode 29: Got Tea expands to Gurgaon

Got Tea’s second store has finally opened! A small store at 32nd Avenue in Gurgaon, this one is mostly geared towards takeaways, but there are a few seats available too. The vision with this store was for customers to grab and go, and walk around 32nd Avenue as they sip on a fresh bubble tea drink.

For the first time in India

The Authentic Bubble Tea Experience

Got Tea was born out of a simple craving for good bubble tea in the neighbourhood. Our goal is to make bubble tea an unforgettable experience available all across India.  

Our Customers

I’ve tried a lot of bubble tea from different countries whenever I travel and this did not disappoint me at all. This is gonna be my weekly addiction. The matcha brew is my favourite.

Meren, a loyal customer

Love the ambience of the place, it’s such a cozy corner. Also love how you can customise your boba tea, not many places in India have dairy-free alternatives. I highly recommend Got Tea!

Sneha, a new customer

The first thing I noticed with the tea is how fresh it was. The boba was fresh and so was the almond milk. Packaging was cute and very little plastic was used which made me quite happy.

Amani Mohan, lifestyle blogger