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Episode 29: Got Tea expands to Gurgaon

We are already into the fourth month of 2022 and Got Tea has been so busy! Truly, it is hard to keep up with everything that has been happening. But, I shall try to give you all the updates. 

A new store

Got Tea’s second store has finally opened! A small store at 32nd Avenue in Gurgaon, this one is mostly geared towards takeaways, but there are a few seats available too. The vision with this store was for customers to grab and go, and walk around 32nd Avenue as they sip on a fresh bubble tea drink. A soft launch for select friends, family and loyal customers was held the weekend before the store opened.

The new Got Tea store

The plans for more stores don’t end here though. The Got team has envisioned each store to have a different feature concept, to differentiate it from others. While the interiors and décor will remain the same, to provide a brand identity and continuity, a unique feature will be at each store. As has been Got Tea’s vision, it isn’t just about bubble tea – it is about bringing a little bit of Korean culture to Delhi. So, plans for future stores include a photobooth, a letter box (where you can write letters to yourself which will be posted to you in the future) and other such unique elements, inspired by cafes in Korea. 

New flavours (yes, even more!)

Don’t think that this will distract the team from their drinks and snacks – after all, bubble tea remains at the heart of their company mission and vision. And given the heat that Delhi is bound to face this summer, the team at Got Tea is ready with a wider range of drink options for all. 

Got Tea's new coffee menu

Most recently, Got Tea has launched a coffee menu, with treats for all coffee lovers and newbies alike! With four different types of cold coffees and a new coffee jelly topping, there are brews to delight all. 

New events

With the new store, Got Tea has access to a new (and booming) market – Gurgaon. It is a big step for the team, and they are excited for what the future holds. Though the start to the store has been slow, they are confident that it will pick up soon. 

The entry into a new market also means that the team will also be able to host many more events. For example, the team has already pitched the idea of a Korean Bazar to be held in 32nd Avenue, which will replicate Korean night markets in the heart of Gurgaon. After conquering Safdarjung and the South Delhi market, Got Tea is ready to become the ambassadors of Korean culture in Gurgaon. 

The plan is to stay in these unique locations for future stores. Got Tea doesn’t want to go into mall spaces – instead, they want to build their new storefront in such unique locations, like 32nd Avenue and Safdarjung Market, to build on their independent identity and the cultural experience they offer.  

An ambitious plan

The Got team is gearing up for a new round of investors, and the new store is crucial for this. The Gurgaon store has been a success in terms of replicating their brand identity and aesthetics, and is also an efficient model in terms of production. 

In the short term, Got Tea is looking for investments to help them open three stores and a central kitchen in Delhi. And in the long term, the team’s goal is to open 40 stores by 2025. It’s going to be an interesting few years at Got Tea – so make sure you’re tuned in!

This journal is an ongoing series tracing the story of Got Tea, the latest bubble tea store launched in India, located in South Delhi, now available on Zomato and Swiggy. Want to know what happens next? Stay tuned – watch this space for new episodes!