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Episode 9: The PET cans

Now those of you that have had some Got Tea bubble tea (or if you have seen their photos on Instagram) will know that they have some unique packaging – they use PET cans for their drinks. So, why PET cans? 

SuAh and YuSung had decided early on that they wanted to use PET cans for their bubble teas, and there were three main reasons behind this. 

The first reason was aesthetics and style: aesthetically, the Got Tea team found that the PET cans made their product stand out. Now, bubble tea is not a drink that can be served in an opaque tumbler – customers want to see the bubbles and the pretty colours of their drinks. So, they had two options – plastic or glass. 

But they didn’t want to go down the glass bottle route, because they felt it had been done and dusted (think Keventers). They wanted packaging that would help customers differentiate them from other similar ventures. And indeed, the PET can has become an essential part of the brand’s identity. 

Got Tea's limited edition Berry Merry Matcha in the classic PET can

Now the second reason was transportability – the Got Tea team knew that they would have to rely on deliveries for much of their sales (and their reliance on deliveries only increased once the pandemic hit). So, they needed to ensure that their packaging would be able to deliver their bubble teas to their customers, without any leakage or spilling. And once the pandemic hit, concerns around health and hygiene also rose, so PET cans were a great option to ensure that the product reached their customers uncontaminated.

The team also recommends that to get the full flavour of their natural ingredients, customers shake their drinks well before consuming - the sealed PET cans were perfect for this!

The final reason, which was arguably the most important reason for the team, was environmental responsibility. The team had noted that during their pop-up events, when they were using plastic disposable glasses, there was a lot of waste being accumulated. So, they decided that they would go with an option that would be recyclable, and PET cans are perfect! 

Got Tea bubble teas in their signature PET cans

The PET can route was not an easy one to take – the biggest hurdle that comes with it is the canning machine. The first machine they ordered took over 8 months to arrive, the delivery delayed because of the pandemic. Indeed, this was the last thing they were waiting for before they opened shop – everything else was ready to go! 

If you haven’t seen these PET cans, which have quickly become a quintessential part of the Got Tea story, head over to B-6 Market in Safdarjung Enclave, or check out their Instagram page!

This journal is an ongoing series tracing the story of Got Tea, the latest bubble tea store launched in India, located in South Delhi. Want to know what happens next? Stay tuned – new episodes come out every week!