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Episode 6: The launch

The Got Tea team was soon ready to launch. And they got the opportunity for two pop-ups in early 2020. In February 2020, LBB Delhi organized a Dessert Bazzar at Sunder Nursery, and the Got Tea team had a small kiosk at the event. The next month, in early March, Jesus and Mary College’s (JMC) Ethnic Eight society hosted a cultural festival, which also featured the Got Tea team and their bubble teas. These two events were pivotal for the team, as it was their first foray into actually selling their product in the Indian market.

YuSung at the JMC event

The team and their products were an absolute hit at these events! Selling around 150 beverages at each event, the team became more confident about what they were selling and found that there was indeed a demand for bubble tea in Delhi.

These events also helped the team understand the type of flavours that the Delhi market liked – contrary to their beliefs, they found that people in Delhi were more open to experimenting with and trying new flavours. The team then resolved to be more daring in their approach to different flavours, rather than taking on a conservative approach.

They also found that many of those who really enjoyed their bubble tea were young people who had studied abroad and had returned to India. These folks had been exposed to delicacies like bubble tea during their studies, but had found that the Delhi market was lacking in such products. For the Got Tea team, these individuals became ambassadors, of sorts, for their company and their product, since they were the ones who introduced many new people to the world of bubble tea.

Got Tea at LBB's Dessert Bazzar

For the Got Tea team, these events also helped them meet potential customers and build relationships with them. For example, Yu Sung recalls meeting a young woman, Tashi, at the LBB event. Tashi enjoyed the bubble tea so much, she came back to their stall 5 times to buy more drinks! The team became friends with Tashi, and even met up with her recently at another event.

Many of the customers that they met at these two events are still in touch with the team, and for the team, this is exactly how they want to build their business, by forming deep and lasting relationships with their customers.

Two days after the JMC event, SuAh had to leave India due to visa restrictions, and he went back to Korea. YuSung, Armaan and Jo said they would manage till he could return. Little did the team know that the COVID-19 pandemic was about to hit the world and throw a wrench in all their planning…

This journal is an ongoing series tracing the story of Got Tea, the latest bubble tea store launched in India, located in South Delhi. Want to know what happens next? Stay tuned – new episodes come out every week!