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Episode 25: Got Tea turns one!

On 18 November 2021, Got Tea celebrated their first anniversary. It has been quite an eventful first year, and the founders wanted to thank their customers and the staff for sticking through and supporting Got Tea. So, a weeklong celebration was held for all to come together over their shared love of Got Tea!

Got Tea founders YuSung, Armaan and Jo

For the customers

The Got Tea team wanted to thank all their customers for supporting them and loving their drinks and snacks, and to do that, they brought back customer favourites from the past. A full week of different events of these past favourites was a walk down memory lane. 

Got Tea brought back their famous GOT fried chicken for two days, since many customers had been asking for it. It came as no surprise that the fried chicken days were very popular and they sold out quite quickly. 

The team also held a mini version of their Squid Game event (which was previously held in October and proved to be a huge hit). And to end the week of celebrations, Got Tea brought back Stephen and Vernon, who had played a small concert at the café over the summer, for a night of cosy tunes and comforting boba.

During the birthday week celebrations, the team also launched a new flavour, Peachy Yuja, made from peach tea and a thick, pulpy syrup called Yuzu,  their first drink which can be served both hot and cold. The week before the release, the team invited select loyal customers for a tasting session, to specially thank them for their support, connect with them and introduce them to their new launches. 

The team also acknowledged the massive support that delivery riders have been for the success of their business, and they brought back Got on the Street to serve delivery riders their famous bubble tea and thank them for their tireless service. 

For the team

The founders know that Got Tea would not be the success it has been without their hardworking team supporting them and their vision. So, on 17 November, they shut the store for the whole day and held a retreat in Chattarpur for the entire team. 

Team Got Tea!

The retreat gave a chance for the Got Tea team to come together through team building exercises and get to know each other a bit more, at a personal level.  

The team also discussed the past one year at Got Tea and the future of the brand, to understand how everyone fits into this vision. As Got Tea starts to expand, bringing the team together and ensuring its smooth functioning is essential to their continued success. 

The future is bright

But turning one does not mean slowing down for Got Tea – rather, the team has been picking up steam! Last week, they launched another bubble tea flavour, Peachy Oolong, a mix of peach and oolong teas, brought together in milk. And they’re ready to launch two more bubble tea flavours and new croffles by the end of this year!

Turning one during these times has not been an easy feat. Many businesses do not survive this time, even without the uncertainty of a global pandemic, so for Got Tea to achieve this milestone is commendable. The founders know that they owe a lot of their success to their team and their customers, who have made this past year so very memorable. And for that, they’re so very thankful.

Here’s to many more years of Got Tea and lots more bubble tea!

This journal is an ongoing series tracing the story of Got Tea, the latest bubble tea store launched in India, located in South Delhi, now available on Zomato and Swiggy. Want to know what happens next? Stay tuned – new episodes come out every week!